China Orphanage Trip

June 15, 2005...
As the time for the final payment came due, we realized that we were $4000 short on raising support. With our adoption expenses creeping upward and with due dates getting closer, we had to make the difficult decission not to travel to China this summer. We hope that in the future we will be able to travel as a family to server the Lord and the people of China. We still are greatful for those who support us and the missions ministry of

Mission Trip
Adoption is one way God shows His love to children who may otherwise never know the love of a father and mother. This summer, July 2-15, America World Adoption Association (AWAA), with support from Shaohannah's Hope will lead a teams to China to visit the Fushun Orphanage. While at there, we plan on blessing them with donated supplies and equipment. Our work will primarily consist of spending quality time with the children and we have plans to take the children on excursions out of the orphanage and throw them a birthday party. Most importantly we have plans to simply hold them and share the love of Christ with them.

A visit to an orphanage in China will change our lives forever. We will go with and eager heart to give what they have to help encourage an somehow make their life a little better. We are told that what we don't expect is that we will leave with abundantly more than we came with. We will see first-hand how God works in the lives of the fatherless. It is indeed humbling to be the hands and arms of Jesus. We don't have to speak their language, we just need a willing heart...

This summer America World has invited us to help tell orphans in China that they belong. During an unforgettable trip, we'll see how lives can be changed through the unmistakable fingerprint of the the lives of orphans...and in our lives.

July 2 - Depart for China
July 3 - Arrive in Beijing, bus transfer to hotel
July 4 - Full day tour Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace
July 5 - Great Wall and shopping in Beijing, Beijing Duck Dinner.
July 6 - Travel to Fushun, China
July 7-13 - Work at Fushun Orphanage
July 14 - Depart Fushun for Shanghai, acrobatic show in the evening
July 15 - Depart Shanghai for home


If you are unable to join us on this trip to China, please consider providing support for us and the children. We have a support letter in PDF format to give you insights into our needs. If you want to provide some specific aid to the children in the orphanges, please make checks payable to America World and note in the memo the item or items you would like for us to purchase in your name, as well as the Fushun Orphanage name. We hope to help many more children have a fulfilling life by providing the necessary needs to the orphanages.

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