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If you are interested in using my services as a Thawte Web of Trust (WOT) Notary, please start by sending Larry an email ( signed with your Thawte certificate. If you prefer secure mail, here is Larry's public key for your encryption purposes. Please be sure to include your contact information.

By appointment only...
Larry and/or Erica are generally available during normal business hours at Wheaton College in Jenks Hall (link to a campus map) at 433 North Howard Street (on the corner of Howard Street and University Place), Room 102, Wheaton, IL, 60187. Before we meet face-to-face you will need to use Thawte's Notary Map to find each of us in the United States > Illinois > DuPage County > Wheaton section. Then allow each of us to to view your details. This will save all of us some time. When we meet, please bring a photo copy and the original of your primary ID that you listed with Thawte with you (preferably also bring an additional photo ID). I will need you to sign a Thawte Notarization Form (in front of me) and I will need to retain the copies for five years.

If you need other times and places, please consult the Chicago Thawte Notaries( They are "THE" source for Thawte certificate news and group notarization events throughout the Chicago Land area. They are a little slow in approving new members. So, please be patient.

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Larry & Erica Potter

Please click here for the complete WOT rules.
PLEASE NOTE: As a necessary part of the WOT process, I must retain the required documentation for 5 years. I will NEVER sell, transfer, loan or otherwise make available to anybody else any details from any communication between us - except as required by the rules of the Web of Trust and/or by law enforcement. If you are at all concerned - please do NOT use your social security number for your primary ID. I find that a passport number is best (and it has the advantage of being a photo ID).